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QuickFire Rapid-i is the successor lớn Cooler Master’s popular QuickFire Rapid mechanical gaming keyboard. Evolving from its predecessor, QuickFire Rapid-i features complete LED backlighting, powered by a 32-bit ARM processor that allows unique lighting effects such as responsive lighting upon keypresses (instant response and trailing effect) as well as the ability to light up individual keys & save them across four (4) different profiles. The built-in processor allows all profiles to be easily set và activated directly from the keyboard without the use of any software.

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Genuine CHERRY MX Brown keyswitches provide satisfying, tactile feedback with low noise output & superior durability.Completely backlit with trắng LEDs for total illumination và visibility in low-light environments.
Rapid-i’s unique lighting giải pháp công nghệ enables instant response & trailing light effects upon kepresses.A 32-bit ARM processor allows you to lớn program individual keys, keeping them lit & saved across four (4) different profiles without using any software.


1.8m detachable braided cable with micro-USB connector for increased reliability & easy replacement.
N-key rollover registers an unlimited amount of simultaneous keypresses for dependable command execution.

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QuickFire Rapid-i features a tenkeyless profile for those who favor portability và ergonomics over Numpad inclusion.– Parts and Product Replacement– miễn phí Technical Support
CHERRY MX Mechanical Switches Strong & durable, CHERRY MX Mechanical Switches guarantee at least 50 million keystrokes, making your keyboard a reliable partner for years of intense gaming action.Full LED Backlighting The completely backlit thiết kế with white LEDs allows for total illumination & visibility in low-light environments. A 32-bit ARM processor allows you lớn program individual keys, keeping them lit permanently. This makes it easier than ever to lớn personalize while at trang chủ or away at an event. These backlighting customizations are stored within four separate lighting profiles, so you can store và use them as you like.ActivLite Switch lớn Activlite mode – keycaps react to lớn your touch và turn off upon release. Customize this effect further by choosing between the backlight going off instantly or slowly fading away.Repeat Rate Adjustments Over USB Execute commands up to lớn eight times faster than other keyboards and competitors by adjusting your keyboard repeat rate at a moment’s notice.N-key rollover N-key rollover registers an unlimited amount of simultaneous keypresses for dependable command execution.Luxurious Soft Touch and Minimalist Style Soft-touch paint creates both a comfortable feel and a luxurious look perfect for gamers & business users alike. Its compact kích thước and simplistic, yet functional, design makes the Rapid-i occupy the perfect balance between a sophisticated kiến thiết aesthetic và a gaming powerhouse.


Brand: Cooler Master

Name: QuickFire Rapid-i

Model: SGK-4040-GKCM1-US


Keyboard Interface: USB 2.0

Design Style: Gaming

Mechanical Keyboard: Yes

Key Switch Type: Brown Cherry MX

Keyboard Color: Black

Dimensions: 1.50″ x 14.10″ x 5.40″ (H x W x D)

Type: Wired


Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyswitches – Guarantees Up khổng lồ 50 Million KeystrokesFull LED Backlighting – 5 Modes and 5 Illumination cấp độ AdjustmentsActivLite- Reactive Illumination, phối Keys to lớn Light Up on TouchProfile Management – Save Specific backlit keys in Up to 4 Lighting Mode PresetsRepeat Rate Tweaking Over USB – Execute Commands Quicker Than EverLuxurious Soft cảm biến Feel và Minimalist StyleMultimedia Functions và Keyboard Adjustment ShortcutsDetachable 1.8mm Durable Braided USB Cable For Easy TransportationPackage Contents

Package Contents

QuickFire Rapid-iKeycap Removal ToolUSB Connection CableUser Guide/Quick Start Guide