Haganai season 3: release info, rumors, updates


About Haganai

Haganai Season 3: Haganai (aka Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) is a popular anime with female characters. It is not a rom-com yet has few romantic scenes. The anime shows the social culture with flaws. The dialogues are the best part of this anime. Every character is good with its role. The genre and story of Haganai mix it apart from the anime shows.

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The creator of Haganai is AIC Build Studios. It’s the best anime show by the production. The storyline is a normal high school scenario with some strange students. It shows the activity done by them & the fun that a bunch of students had.

Haganai’s first season was aired on 7th October 2011. However, season 2 was out on 11th January 2013. Haganai Season 3 is yet to lớn come.

The main question is about the release of Haganai Season 3. When is the season releasing? Who are the main characters? How long have the fans have to wait?

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English Dub

Haganai Season 3: There is a version of‘ Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends’ which is English. You can access it on Netflix, Amazon Prime, & Funimation.


Haganai Season 3: The story states the experience of moving to lớn a new school where you get a new environment that isn’t that easy to adjust to. Somehow, this experience comes with many good factors too. Kodaka Hasegawa is the lead character who witnesses this situation.

Kodaka Hasegawa had a lot to lớn expectations và viewed it as an opportunity to lớn a new beautiful life. Sadly, things didn’t turn out well. He was constantly judged for his looks. He was shamed và barely had any friends.

Kodaka Hasegawa wasn’t able lớn adjust for quite long. There comes a twist when things took a turn and changed. Yozora Mikazuki another loner seemed to lớn be at his rescue. He initiated the conversation with her và together they decided to lớn find the way out of their situation.

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They started a club for the left ones who are struggling to fit. The club had socializing skills as well as fun activities.

The second season introduces new characters to the story. The journey gets more exciting & fun for all these characters. There are several new things introduced during the whole season.


Haganai Season 3:

1.Kodaka Hasegawa – He is the main character of the story. He was unlucky to adjust khổng lồ his new school. The judgments passed on lớn him based on his looks were not justified. He doesn’t really have a strong character rather a normal teenager with life issues.

His father is working in the US. Kodaka’s looks marked the beginning of the rumors. He is currently living with his sister. He is a good person with a kind heart. He had spent most of his childhood facing the same issues. He is bold when it comes to facing these concerns.

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The club helped him in having new genuine friends in his life. He is accepted by each one of the group members & the club seems lượt thích home to those students.

2.Sena Kashiwazaki – She is the daughter of a rich man. His father is the headteacher. She has a sense of superiority and mistreats everyone. She hates the ordinary & basic. Sena is intelligent as well as has amazing blond looks. Others don’t lượt thích her because of her arrogance. She even uses the boys who are nice khổng lồ him. They still tend to bởi things as ordered by her because of her charismatic looks.

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3. Yozora Mikazuki- It’s agreeable that Yozora has innocent looks but has all the sociopath qualities. She is one of the mean girls who doesn’t care about others và is always looking for making her own way. She is a bully which she doesn’t show. Yozora treats people as tissue and throws them off when her work is done.

She could not insult only one teen which is Rika. Rika very well knows how to lớn tackle bullies lượt thích her và safeguard herself from the negative talks. She gives a comeback with a dirty joke which leaves Yozora speechless. Yozora has pretty looked including purple eyes.

Release Date

Haganai Season 3: The last season of Haganai was aired in January 2013. There is confirmation regarding the next season. The creators haven’t mentioned anything. There are many rumors regarding the series. Season 3 is expected to be out soon.

Seeing the success of this series, it will not be a wise decision for the creators to kết thúc it here. The fans are eagerly waiting for the next season with the same excitement. The creators have khổng lồ decide wisely about the next season.

Haganai Season 3 is predicted khổng lồ be out this year, however, not confirmed. You can watch the first two seasons till then and enjoy the other anime series. Waiting for more time doesn’t seem worthy for the viewers.


Haganai Season 3: As there is no official date for Haganai Season 3, there is no trailer available at the moment. However, you can watch the trailer of Season 1 here if you haven’t.


Q: When will Haganai Season 3 release?

A: There is no official date for the release.

Q: Who is the protagonist of Haganai Season 3?

A: Kodaka Hasegawa, Yozora Mikazuki

Q: Where to lớn watch Haganai Season 3?

A: The season is not yet released.

I hope this was helpful. That’s all about Haganai Season 3. Stay tuned to know more about your favorite shows!!!