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a fine line

a close relationship, not much difference Sometimes there is a fine line between love & lust.

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air one"s dirty linen in public

Idiom(s): air one"s dirty linen in public và wash one"s dirty linen in publicTheme: COMPLAINTto discuss private or embarrassing matters in public, especially when quarreling. (This linen refers to lớn sheets và tablecloths or other soiled cloth.)• Johns mother had asked him repeatedly not to air the family"s dirty linen in public.• Mr. And Mrs. Johnson are arguing again. Why must they always air their dirty linen in public?• Jean will talk khổng lồ anyone about her financial problems. Why does she wash her dirty linen in public?

air one"s dirty linen in public|dirty linen|linen|

v. Phr. To talk about your private quarrels or disgraces where others can hear; make public something embarrassing that should be kept secret. Everyone in the school knew that the superintendent and the principal were angry with each other because they aired their dirty linen in public. No one knew that the boys" mother was a drug addict, because the family did not wash its dirty linen in public.

all along the line

all along the line
Also, all the way down the line. At every point, stage, or moment. For example, We"ve had problems with this supplier all along the line, or He"s been very helpful all the way down the line. The line originally referred lớn a row of troops, but the expression has been used figuratively since the late 1800s. Also see somewhere along the line.

along the lines of

along the lines of Also, on the lines of. Roughly similar or in keeping with. For example, We told the architect we want a design along the lines of his own house but smaller, or Jane asked the caterer for a menu on the lines of the Morgans" wedding reception. This idiom uses line in the sense of “a direction or procedure,” a usage dating from the early 1600s.

along those lines

similar, on the same topic, in that vein He wants a job in health care or nursing, along those lines.

away out of line

(See way out of line)


(See make a beeline)

Beeline for

If you make a beeline for a place, you head there directly.

below the poverty line

not earning enough to lớn survive, very poor, as poor as a church mouse If husband and wife are earning minimum wage, they"re living below the poverty line.

between the lines

between the lines see read between the lines.

blow one"s lines

Idiom(s): fluff one"s lines và blow one"s lines; muff one"s lines
Theme: FORGETFULNESSto speak one"s speech badly or forget one"s lines when one is in a play. (Informal.)• The actress fluffed her lines badly in the last act.• I was in a play once, & I muffed my lines over and over.• It"s okay to lớn blow your lines in rehearsal.

blow one"s lines|blow|fluff|fluff one"s lines|line

v. Phr., informal to lớn forget the words you are supposed lớn speak while acting in a play. The noise backstage scared Mary và she blew her lines.

bottom line

the total, the final figure on a balance sheet When they examined the bottom line of the company they decided not lớn invest in it.

bottom line|bottom|line

n., informal (stress on "line") 1. The last word on a controversial issue; a final decision. "Give me the bottom line on the proposed merger," said John. 2. The naked truth without embellishments. Look, the bottom line is that poor Max is an alcoholic. 3. The final dollar amount; for example, the lowest price two parties reach in bargaining about a sale. "Five-hundred, " said the used car dealer, "is the bottom line. Take it or leave it."


on a bowline with sails phối so as lớn head close to lớn the wind; closehauled

bring into line

bring into line
see under fall in line.

bring into line|bring|line

v. Phr. To lớn make someone conform to the accepted standard. Sam had to be brought into line when he refused to take his muddy shoes off the cocktail table.

bring someone into line

persuade someone khổng lồ agree with you He was finally able to lớn bring the other members of the committee into line.

cash on the line

pay the full price in cash lớn the seller I"ll pay $200 for the bike - cash on the line.

chow line|chow

n., slang A line of people waiting for food. The chow line was already long when John got to the dining hall. The soldiers picked up trays and got into the chow line.

cleanliness is next khổng lồ godliness

cleanliness is next khổng lồ godliness
Being clean is a sign of spiritual purity or goodness, as in Don"t forget lớn wash your ears—cleanliness is next to lớn godliness. This phrase was first recorded in a sermon by John Wesley in 1778, but the idea is ancient, found in Babylonian và Hebrew religious tracts. It is still invoked, often as an admonition lớn wash or clean up.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

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A clean body is just as important as a pure soul.

clotheslined (hockey)

lifted by a bodycheck, hanging in the air Orr was clotheslined just as he crossed the line. What a check!

color line

color line
draw the color line to impose or accept the màu sắc line

crack the line-up

earn a place on a team, make the team He"s a good basketball player, but can he crack the line-up?


n. A final date by which a project, such as a term paper, is due. The deadline for the papers on Shakespeare is November 10.

don"t give me that line/story etc.

do not tell me that false story Don"t give me that line about a cure for the common cold.

down the line

in the future, later, down the road Down the line, we"ll meet again & laugh at our argument.

down the line|down|line

adv. Phr., informal 1. Down the road or street; straight ahead. The church is down the line a few blocks. 2. All the way; completely; thoroughly. Bob always follows the teacher"s directions right down the line.

draw a line between

draw a line between
Also, draw the line between. Define a limit between two groups, courses of action, or the like. For example, Legally it"s important to draw a line between private và public enterprises, or We"ll have to lớn draw the line between our department"s different jurisdictions. This metaphoric idiom was first recorded in 1793. Also see draw the line at.

draw a line between sth & sth else

Idiom(s): draw a line between sth & sth elseTheme: DIFFERENCEto separate two things; lớn distinguish or differentiate between two things.• It"s necessary khổng lồ draw a line between bumping into people & striking them.• It"s very hard to draw the line between slamming a door and just closing it loudly.

Draw a line in the sand

If you draw a line in the sand, you establish a limit beyond which things will be unacceptable.

draw a line|draw|draw the line|draw the line at|li

v. Phr. 1. Lớn think of as different. The law in this country draws a line between murder & manslaughter. Can you draw the line between a lie and a fib? 2. Khổng lồ set a limit to what will be done; say something cannot be done. We would like to invite everybody khổng lồ our party, but we have to lớn draw a line somewhere. Often used with "at". Mrs. Jones draws the line at permitting the children khổng lồ play in their father"s den. People fighting for their freedom often vì chưng not draw the line at murder.

draw the line

set a limit We have to draw the line somewhere in regards to lớn the costs of the party.

draw the line at

Idiom(s): draw the line (at sth)
Theme: LIMITATIONto mix a limit at something; khổng lồ decide when a limit has been reached.• You can make as much noise as you want, but I draw the line at fighting.• It"s hard to keep young people under control, but you have to lớn draw the line somewhere.

drop (sb) a line

write briefly lớn sb.给(某人)写封短信As soon as I get to lớn the United States,I"ll drop you a line.一到美国,我就给你写封短信来。

drop (someone) a line

write or mail a note or letter lớn someone She promised that she would drop me a line when she gets to Singapore.

drop a line

write a letter, send a postcard Be sure to lớn drop us a line from Paris. Tell us about your trip.

drop a line|drop|line

v. Phr. To lớn write someone a short letter or note. Please drop me a line when you get lớn Paris; I"d lượt thích to know that you"ve arrived safely.

drop sb a few lines

Idiom(s): drop someone a line và drop someone a few lines
Theme: COMMUNICATION - WRITTEN to write a letter or a cảnh báo to someone. (The line refers lớn lines of writing.)• I dropped Aunt Jane a line last Thanksgiving.• She usually drops me a few lines around the first of the year.

drop sb a line

Idiom(s): drop someone a line và drop someone a few lines
Theme: COMMUNICATION - WRITTEN to lớn write a letter or a cảnh báo to someone. (The line refers to lines of writing.)• I dropped Aunt Jane a line last Thanksgiving.• She usually drops me a few lines around the first of the year.

drop someone a line

write khổng lồ someone.

end of the line

(See the kết thúc of the line)

end of the road|end|end of the line|line|road

n. Phr. The final result or kết thúc (as of a way of kích hoạt or behavior); the condition that comes when you can bởi no more. He had left a trail of forgery and dishonesty across seven states; he had got out of each trouble with a new trick. Now the police had caught up with him, and it was the end of the road. "When I get lớn the end of the line," Jones thought, "I"d lượt thích my children to like and respect me still."

fall in line

do as others are doing, obey orders Although Barry doesn"t like the new rules, he"ll fall in line.

fall into line

go và stand properly in a row (like soldiers) The students were forced lớn fall into line as they waited for the doors khổng lồ open.

feed sb a line

Idiom(s): give someone a line và feed someone a line
Theme: DECEPTIONto lead someone on; lớn deceive someone with false talk.• Don"t pay any attention lớn John. He gives everybody a line.• He"s always feeding us a line.

feed someone a line

deceive He was feeding me a line about his plans to open a new restaurant downtown.

firing line, on the

firing line, on the
In the forefront of any activity or pursuit, especially a controversy. For example, At the sales conference they asked so many questions that Anne felt she was on the firing line. This expression originally meant the line of positions from which gunfire is directed at a target và is still so used in a military context. Today it is also used more loosely.

drop (one) a line

To liên hệ someone, usually with a letter, note, or phone call. I know you"ll be busy enjoying yourself, but please, drop me a line on your trip. I"ll drop you a line once I get settled in at school.Learn more: drop, line

drop someone a line & drop someone a few lines; drop someone a note

to write a letter or a note to someone. (The line refers to lines of writing.) I dropped Aunt Jane a line last Thanks giving. She usually drops me a few lines around the first of the year. Drop me a chú ý when you get a chance.Learn more: and, drop, few, line, note

drop a line

Correspond, write a short letter or note. For example, I hope you"ll drop me a line soon. This idiom uses line in the sense of "a few words in writing," a usage first recorded in 1647. Learn more: drop, line

drop someone a line

send someone a cảnh báo or letter in a casual manner.Learn more: drop, line, someone

drop somebody a ˈline/ˈnote

(informal) write a short letter, message, etc. Lớn somebody: I dropped her a line inviting her khổng lồ my birthday party.Learn more: drop, line, note, somebodyLearn more: