THOR: THE DARK WORLD - game for apk from the company Gameloft. trò chơi Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to lớn gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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Where can I see current goals? You can view the goals in the game menu.

What is the difference between potions and upgrades? The effect of potions is temporary.Improvements are ongoing.

How lớn open new armor? Most of the armor requires the completion of certain tasks và obtaining a certain number of stars. Also, some types of armor become available after the kết thúc of the Arena season.

How to lớn open new hammers? Most hammers require Thor khổng lồ reach a certain level. Other hammers can be purchased for Ura. Some hammers open after the kết thúc of the Aremãng cầu season.

How lớn improve sầu skills? Improving skills requires an ISO-8 resource.

How lớn discover new skills? In order lớn discover new skills, it is necessary lớn improve sầu previous ones.


How many skills can be used at the same time? You can select up to 3 active sầu skills at a time. Passive skills after improvement work constantly.

How to lớn open skill cells? The first cell is không tính tiền. The second can be opened by paying the runes. The third can be opened beyond Uru. The second & third cells are not given forever. After using 2 and 3 cells are closed again.

How to open the Einherians? Warrior - Einheri, available khổng lồ you initially. Completing the quests, you can open the Valkyrie, the Spear Bear, the Guardian and the Alchemist. The healer and the Chariot can be obtained only in exchange for Ura.

How many Einherias can I take on my team? Five sầu.

What is an arena? At the Aremãng cầu you have sầu to lớn fight with an infinite number of enemy waves, where each subsequent is stronger than the previous one. Use all your dexterity khổng lồ hold out as long as possible!

How to get to the Aremãng cầu lớn fight in online battles? Complete quests in the chiến dịch khổng lồ unlock new arenas.Each maps has its own entrance lớn the arena. Each arena has its own màn chơi of difficulty and its rewards for battles.

How long is the Aremãng cầu season? Two weeks. Ratings and leaderboards are rephối by the start of the new season.

What are leagues? Players are divided inlớn leagues depending on their position in the leaderboards. Major League players will receive additional rewards for winning.

What is life? At the beginning of the season you have five lives. Each game in the Aremãng cầu costs 1 life. After using life, you need some time lớn rest. You can skip this time by paying it lớn Uru.

What trophies can I take out from the Arena? For each match in the Arena, you will receive runes & a little ISO-8. Also, at the over of each season of the Aremãng cầu, you will be able to open a hammer or armor if you are lucky. Become one of the best players, occupy the top of the rating và get the opportunity lớn open new armor và weapons for the Runes.


Can I somehow rephối the game progress? Not. This feature is not supported. However, you can log in with a different trương mục on the social network to start the game again.

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How lớn get to the Facebook or trò chơi Center section? You can log in khổng lồ Facebook in the Network section in Settings. Entrance lớn the trò chơi Center is carried out in the trò chơi Center application before entering the game.

How to lớn change the sound settings in the game? Sound settings can be changed in the Settings thực đơn.

How to change the language of the game? The language can be changed in the Settings thực đơn.

Can I turn off the subtitles in the game? No, there is currently no way to lớn disable subtitles.

How to skip a game video? Cliông xã on the screen. Also in the lower right corner you will see the Skip icon.

The game freezes. What lớn do? Cđại bại the application and restart it. If this does not help, try reinstalling the game.

The game crashed. How can I submit a bug report lớn Gameloft to help fix the problem? If your device is connected to the Internet, a report is sent automatically.

Is it possible to lớn listen khổng lồ music from a personal audio library during a game? Unfortunately, this feature is not supported.

How lớn earn ISO-8? You can earn ISO-8 by completing goals, increasing the cấp độ of Thor & winning battles in the Arena.

How to lớn earn runes? Runes can be earned by completing missions and winning battles in the Arena.


How lớn earn Uru? You can earn Ura for earning achievements & taking a prize (1-3) at the kết thúc of the Aremãng cầu season.

There was a problem buying currency. Check your score. If funds were withdrawn from hyên ổn, we ask you lớn tương tác Gameloft User Support. If the funds were not withdrawn, check if your device is connected lớn the Internet.

How to open Allies? To bởi this, complete tasks & collect stars.

How many allies can you take on your team? You can take only one ally to complete the task. Select them on the Allies page.

How khổng lồ add new friends? You can vì chưng this in the Leaderboards, on the Friends tab. Just clichồng the Invite Friends icon.

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