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Mi-yeon, a woman who has lived without her eyes và eyes khổng lồ take care of her husband và son. The family is everything she can"t change with anything in the world. Her husband, Cheol-min, is stressed every day because of a project lớn win the company"s life-saving home shopping broadcast rights. A few days later, when he hears that a competitor has won a home shopping broadcast, Cheol-min visits Hyun-gil, a college senior at trang chủ shopping. Hyun-gil said that it was already decided, & her wife Mi-yeon went lớn the door, và Mi-yeon, a wife, visits Hyun-gil"s house khổng lồ ease her husband"s difficulties. Hyun-gil will ask Mi-yeon, who has visited her home, to lớn make a secret offer ...

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Cheating Notes

The husband is having some competition trouble at work. Meanwhile, her wife takes a job as a house cleaner và happens khổng lồ get assigned lớn her husband"s boss" big house. The couple doesn"t seem khổng lồ know that such is the case until the wife sees her husband & the quái dị talking outside their office. She overhears their conversation and learns about her husband"s troubles. So she talks khổng lồ the trùm cuối about it. The quái vật leaves their conversation in a seemingly negative tone but the next day, her husband receives a piece of good news from the company so her talk worked.

The wife is glad, và maybe she"s glad enough lớn return the favor khổng lồ the boss.. Maybe sexually? But khổng lồ be fair, their relationship has been having a development every time she cleans his house. She cooks food for him one day using a recipe that seems to be personal to him. One time, she goes lớn the parlor và makes herself pretty, but her husband doesn"t even notice. The quái nhân does, and he even tries to lớn kiss her, mistaking her for his ex maybe. She slaps him, but at least he noticed her makeover as opposed to lớn her husband. The wife and the boss leave & exchange notes in the flower pot every morning, and their messages seem to turn playful after a while và maybe even a bit thắm thiết or flirty.

So after the quái nhân did her husband a favor, the wife comes with him for a drive & they nói qua a thắm thiết moment while sitting and gazing at the beach. He puts his arm around her & kisses her. She kisses back. They come back to his house & they fuck. It was a nice fuck as our heroine MILF goes on vị trí cao nhất of her husband"s boss and humps him while they both moan hard.

I lượt thích the guilty look on the wife"s face when she comes trang chủ to her husband và son after she just fucked her husband"s boss.

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The wife & the quái dị only fucked once, but don"t worry, it"s a very sweet fuck. Our MILF is really attractive with a solid body, milky trắng skin, và a pretty smile so it"s a treat to lớn see her fucking và humping her husband"s boss.

The husband is also cheating by the way, with his wife"s friend, & has several cheating scenes in the movie, but we don"t really give a shit about that.


This movie is underrated but is easily one of my favorite Korean softcore movies. The wife"s cheating sex scene is only one, but its rarity makes it so sweet as it is nicely done with a sensual, slow buildup going towards the wife"s climax. Plus, the circumstances leading there are elaborate so it gives credence khổng lồ the wife fucking her husband"s boss and shows that she is not just some skank who will give in so easily khổng lồ a guy just because he is rich and successful.

I lượt thích that the beauty of the Korean wife is understated. Like she"s really one of those wives who have aged a bit but are still delectable, still subtly pretty & actually become stunning when they fix themselves, and are still rocking great bodies underneath their plain housewife clothes.