Nhà hàng chay here & now

“My husband treated me khổng lồ dinner at this place, last Friday. & I was not sure what to lớn expect, considering its in the middle of an office area. I even told him that we would take…” more

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“Ordered catering for my son's birthday. Great tasting food, some were quality but still great. Delivery was on time & quantities were more than we expected. We've also tried when…” more


“With too many of my favorite vegan restaurants closing I decided khổng lồ travel far and try Di Lac Vegetarian! Worth the trip? Absolutely! Tasty? Beyond a symphony…” more


“I'm currently struggling with stomach issues and I can't eat fried foods or acidic. The food was amazing!! When I asked them for alterations lớn accommodate my…” more

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“My favorite place for the Banh Beo! Stopped by on a Tuesday night and was seated right away. The food came out pretty fast & service was pretty good. There…” more

“This reviews is looooong overdue since I've always gone here for the Bun thân phụ Ca La Vong. I would give it a 5 stars for the dish alone, but they recently changed…” more

“I've been here a couple times for the past years and the food is always delicious !!The wait can range from 15-30 minutes depending on the time và holiday .…” more

“Tldr: wow, I didn't think a large would fill up 5 people! Great customer service, good food, good company!I thought the plaza was sketchy when I first turned…” more

“Solid egg rolls here. My family usually orders from Nha Trang for parties and they don't disappoint. They are large in kích cỡ and the filling is made without…” more

“I am SHOOK that this is only three stars....?I went khổng lồ SK with a group of colleagues this week and was completely blown away. We ordered a massive variety of…” more

“Cane here with my husband for lunch as I wanted Hu Tieu phái nam Vang but its not their specialty here, but close enough khổng lồ what I wanted lớn eat. I've never been…” more

“This is one of those places you go lớn strictly for the taste of the food. The restaurant is not a fancy place or anything lượt thích that - but I know the food will…” more

“I just had a religious experience at this restaurant. Or actually in my oto parked next to lớn this restaurant. Mumbai street food on another level. If you feel pretty savvy thinking…” more