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In 1980s Japan, one determined man turned every crushing setback into opportunity. His name was Toru Muranishi, và he revolutionized his industry.

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In 1980s Japan, one determined man turned every crushing setback into opportunity. His name was Toru Muranishi, và he revolutionized his industry.

After another month of lackluster encyclopedia sales, Muranishi's job is on the line. But just when he starts making money, his life falls apart.

Muranishi & Toshi move onto selling porn magazines, starting their own bookstore chain in Hokkaido. But their success attracts unwanted attention.

After living on the lam in Tokyo, Muranishi & Toshi are arrested in Sapporo. Once they get out, they reunite with Kawada with a new goal: video.

Furuya tells the Sapphire team that Ikezawa và Takei are working together. Muranishi recruits a Poseidon actress for their next video.

Blacklisted by Ikezawa & squeezed by the regulatory commission, Sapphire nears bankruptcy. After confronting her mother, Megumi seeks out Muranishi.

Muranishi takes his crew khổng lồ Hawaii for an ambitious make-or-break shoot with Allison, a famous American porn star. Toshi goes to Furuya for help.

Facing a 370-year prison term, Muranishi needs ¥100 million lớn make bail. While Toshi & Kawada struggle khổng lồ raise funds, Kaoru demands to help out.

Back in Japan, the Showa era is ending & Kaoru Kuroki has become a sensation. Sapphire and Poseidon are cranking out videos, but a crackdown looms.

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Flush with success, Muranishi aims for the stars, vowing to lớn launch his own satellite TV channel. But the higher he flies, the farther he has to fall.

The year is 1990, và Muranishi is riding high. When his investment banker introduces him to the concept of satellite TV, he finds his next big thing.

To raise money for a satellite channel, Muranishi starts cranking out videos và pushing boundaries, but he ends up neglecting Kaoru, his biggest star.

Sapphire Pictures is rebranded into the more upscale diamond Visual. A shy woman named Miyuki responds to a casting call và winds up shadowing Kaoru.

Kaoru enthusiastically promotes her upcoming video. Umino finally gives his response regarding the satellite deal. Miyuki is nervous about her debut.

Muranishi gives Miyuki a new name: Mariko Nogi. But đá quí is running out of money, & as the bubble economy bursts, they have to find new revenue.

While the kim cương staff fumes, Muranishi desperately searches for a way khổng lồ make the next satellite payment và keep the business afloat.

Kaoru is hospitalized. Inspired by industry changes, Wada recruits Toshi, Kawada và Mitamura to make videos for his chain. Muranishi's debt comes due.

Toshi takes matters with the yakuza into his own hands. The other đá quí staff members slowly move on with their lives.

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