One piece chapter 817

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----------------------------------------Oh Jack is alive~ Nice.I was almost expecting another fight khổng lồ break out this chapter though. And it's interesting to learn more about Momonosuke's revelation & status.

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We all knew Jack was alive. Funny seeing how tiny the newspaper is in his hands. A lot of strong naruto vibes from this chapter lolAll men are obsessed with Ninjas. Franky is hard boiled!Really curious about these red Poneglyphs now. Hopefully Robin can still read it.
The naruto references killed me xDReally funny chapter! and I have no idea where the story is heading, which is awesome!
DAMN, that chapter was HYPE. I never thought Momo was such a big shot, but it was funny how Luffy said, WHATEVER. So good to see that Raizou was not hiding, but was tied by the minks. Và that Poneglyph. Wonder what story it will reveal. & also if Jack is heading for Zou again, than we will see a major fight very soon.
So a nice twist with Momonosuke, still I am with Luffy, doesn't like him anymore. I expected Raizou lớn be a frail old man, but I did expect him lớn be restrained, because any respected person would not just sit ideally by as others suffer to protect him, so I am glad about that.Raizou is not who I expected, but love him none the less, all the guys fan hâm mộ boying over him was just hilarious, this was a fun breather chapter.
The poster for Film Gold looks epic AF!So Momo's actually the son of the Daimyou of Wano :O That makes the reason he was being followed way clearer. & now Nami's gonna actually start doing those oppai hugs on purpose for the moneys :PF***N YES PONEGLYPH!! What a tease having Robin say let me read it then leaving it for another chp :/Raizou looks different than my imagination. Could've been worse ^^; Still would've loved if it was a chick. He's huge but his limbs are so short XD He does know all those Ninjutsu tho! I wonder if it's like a NinNin fruit lolMakes sense that he was tied up. Damn these Minks are hardcore XDAnd Dat Franky "All men are obsessed with ninjas" T^T
Really loved that red-sh skull in the cover.Momonosuke got lớn bury his face again in Nami's beautiful bosom...It's a really hilarious chapter, I got a few good laugh with all those na-ru-to reference.
First of all, holy shit the gold poster is epic!Jack being alive & Momo revelations were no surprise, but the rest of the chapter was entertaining as hell.Loved the comedy! The nin-ja obsession was great & the best part was hard boiled Franky. XDNami doing the oppai pillow after hearing who Momo is lol. It's fun khổng lồ see the Hardcore Nami fans go crazy. :lmao:That Raizou thiết kế troll! Well played Oda.Not a tín đồ of it but it's still a funny idea when most of the fans were waiting for the badass Ninja.His pose & use of jutsu was great. For a sec i thought i'm seeing a fat Jiraiya. Haha
rofl when they were getting all hyped up to meet the ninja i knew immediately he would look extremely ridiculous. Gigantic head và torso with super small arms và legs classy stuff.gotta love the chapter long na-ru-to joke.
Oda has waited his whole life for this one single chapter...Just to throw in those na-ru-to references. I know for a fact Kishimoto is out there somewhere, cheesing like a motherfucker.I can't believe he even had Law & Zoro join in on the fun LMAO.

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Valkata said:DAMN, that chapter was HYPE. I never thought Momo was such a big shot, but it was funny how Luffy said, WHATEVER. So good to lớn see that Raizou was not hiding, but was tied by the minks. Và that Poneglyph. Wonder what story it will reveal. Và also if Jack is heading for Zou again, than we will see a major fight very soon.
To be honest there was a theory on Oro Jackson that predicted Momo lớn being the Feudal lords son, althoguh a father son scheme is nothing too ordinary for media.It also assumes that one of whitebeards subordinates the Kabuki guy is momo´s big brother and will later take part in the story, but that part is iffy to me.
Man Raijou was a major letdown at first but after he showed his skills I couldn't help but be amazed, what a cool character we have here again. :pBtw can't believe the new movie is out already, I have yet to lớn catch up lớn all these anime :(
Development after Development, Plot Twist after Plot Twist. These recent chapters have been fantastic.Never expected Momo khổng lồ be a big shot and actually hold so much authority, He even got the Dukes to hotline a truce.Authority is no match for Luffy though XDNami trying lớn get her hands on Wano treasure using Momo lolThose na-ru-to references, Epic XD'All men are obsessed with Ninja', Franky is a true man.I'm really interested in this red Poneglyph, Really excited for the next chapter. Wonder what Robin-chan will reveal :o
That ninja is so... Lame, but I lượt thích the na-ru-to reference, now I want to lớn know what's written on that poneglyph và how the Wano country is involved. Nice chapter.
Dem naruto referencesThat bastard Momo...welp guess Nami's gotten her eyes on their treasures now ^^Oh my god, Raizou looks ridiculous...xD Oda sure likes to troll us.That ninja obsession lol
Really enjoyed this chapter. I think the fact that Jack was shown again was not to just confirm he's alive but probably because he might give finding Raizou another chance. Maybe.Loved Luff's reaction to lớn Momo being a big shot & everyone hyped to lớn see a nin-ja but disappointed when they saw him, I knew he would be not what they expected. XDEven Law & Zoro had their own requests for Raizou, 'All men, are obsessed with ninja!' Red Poneglyph, can't wait to find out more.
So Momo is the son of a feudal lord, và Raizou looks fucking ridiculous lol. I loved how Usopp, Luffy, & Chopper were being their usual selves and getting excited over every little thing Raizou did, even calling him their god lmfao.And Oda with the naruto references.....on fucking point. It's really nice lớn see the respect he has for Kishimoto, and I hope Kishi reads this chapter. I was laughing my ass off so much this chapter, especially when Law & Zoro joined in with the requests since they don't seem lượt thích the types who would bởi vì that.
I was low on expectation when I read those comments in the spoiler discussion thread on OJ, but Raizou turned out khổng lồ be a rather fun persona. His kiến thiết isn't the best lớn look at, but I think it's well paired with his personality. Loved all the ninja/Naruto references too. Lmao "The ninja you have in mind is all but reality", way lớn put it in place, Oda.That one panel where Franky said "All men fancy ninja", the art on Franky looked so good, it reminds me of good ol' oyabun Franky back in W7. I may not agree with the robot thing, (never was a tín đồ of robot/mecha), but ninja I could relate to.At the one scene where Momonosuke demanded Luffy and his crew to act respectful toward him because of his status, I kinda disliked that Momo, though he's just a child, so I won't hold it against him. Though he has been getting conceited all because he can get into 'em boobies His real identity was speculated long before the reveal though. Props khổng lồ the theorists who got it right.Edit: Just found out that apparently daimyo & shogun are different. My bad..I wonder if Jack's coming back lớn Zou, now that Oda decided lớn show him again. One thing Zou has been lacking is a real antagonist. I và many others probably won't feel satisfied though if our main crew gets to lớn fight an injured Jack. Wonder when is Weeble gonna make another appearance..The poneglyph certainly make people curious. Why is it in red, why is it with Raizou, và what's up with the crest và all that.. Hopefully we get khổng lồ see Robin read it out in the next chapter. Inb4 it's stained with blood, that'd be kinda creepy.
Good pick up. That was kinda confusing to me, not really too sure what Kin'emon really means. Loud voice? lượt thích his highness?Edit: Oh ya, what's up with changing Kougetsu khổng lồ Kouzuki? o_oEdit: The cover page looks sick, the combination of black và red work so well. Can anyone read what it says in the back ground? "The world .. Not hong.."Anyway I am more hyped than ever for Film Gold. Title sounds kinda lame but okay
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