Reasons to love mugiwaras

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Another series of me talking by myself và explaining why I lượt thích this certain character và I’ll analyze và make some speculations about them. In this series I’ll also mainly focus on the actual storyline but there will be a bit about fillers/movies as well and understandably I will not be able to include every single detail but I will try to lớn point out those things I think are remarkable for the character.I also try lớn keep these “reasons khổng lồ love Mugiwaras”-posts shipping-free,so I apologize if I slip out of it a bit. This might include some repeat, lots of typos và spoilers, so be prepared !Since there has recently happened a lot in actual storyline we shall begin with Sanji, the black leg và official cook of Strawhat pirates. So today I will explain what makes Sanji popular và lovable character (in my opinion)


Somehow I just have had the feeling from the beginning that Sanji is not showing all of his true colors. I really don’t know how to describe it but somehow it seemed for me that maybe tries a bit too much lớn be the womanizer or lớn be the badass guy. So I’ve been wondering for a long time that what if Sanji has something khổng lồ hide? otherwise he would’ve told very openly about his past but before entering to Skypiea no one knew much about him. So during the years a huge questionmark for me is that why Sanji is behaving the way he is? Why he always keeps pampering women despite he often gets ignored and why he tends khổng lồ put everyone before him?

After many years và chapters (before Zou arc was running) I’ve come to lớn the conclusion is that Sanji is probably really hurt & broken man deep inside his core và he most likely there is something in his past what he really wants khổng lồ forget. Maybe he wants khổng lồ escape something and maybe he has built a mask lớn cover up his vunerabilty.


But back khổng lồ childhood part we’ve known longer: So, Sanji was taken by a massive wave after trying lớn stand against Zeff’s pirates and Zeff puts his life into danger in order lớn save “little eggplant”. What is more remarkable is that he didn’t just save Sanji from certain death, he also took care of him.

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We all remember that Zeff sacrified his leg in order to survive while giving Sanji all the food that was saved from the wreck He told Sanji to lớn stay on the other side of the island khổng lồ patrol for some ships but in reality he probably didn’t want Sanji to lớn see how he had lớn eat his leg in order to survive the tough times in inhabited nature. When Sanji realized the whole scenario và heard that Zeff saved him because they giới thiệu the same dream, finding All Blue, he was grateful but surprised. I am pretty sure this must be the first time he reallyfelt being appreciated after growing up with Vinsmokes và running away from trang chủ (even his former colleagues laughed at him và told All blue is just a fairytale when little Sanji explained it to lớn them in that restaurant where he worked before shipwreck)

This made me think that episode where they beat Don Krieg và Luffy asked him lớn join his crew and he told “no it’s not the time”, even though he really wanted lớn go out & explore the world. I wonder that what if Sanji didn’t want to leave Baraties just because he was afraid to lớn get abandoned again?After all, he finally found a person who could replace the missing gap of paternal love Sanji was craving for so bad and so long.

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Then to lớn the other question where I personally craved answers was that why Sanji acts so crazy around women. He really tends khổng lồ fall in love with every single lady he sees và never gives up, despite after getting so many rejections and it really made me wonder why, for years. I must say that in the beginning his drooling over ladies was even a bit annoying, even though it is partly his running gag. Why this little feature of his annoyed me every once in a while trough the year was because I felt thatit can’t be just a comical relieve,there must be a good reason why he does it and I couldn’t figure out what the reason was.


After learning about Vinsmoke family, we can all agree that the only one who didn’t judge Sanji being different than the other siblings was his mother. Unlike Sanji’s father she never said a bad thing about him and was always supporting him even ate the food he made even though it looked pretty wrecked and it is pretty sure that the adorable smile Sanji flashes when he is really happy about something it definitely is inherited from her. We also begin to understand that his love for cooking is also most likely thanks to lớn his mother (along with Zeff of course). Seeing her becoming happy because of his cookings makes him happy too và he has probably decided that this is what brings him happiness, feeding the people, especially those you love the most, even though he appears lớn be pretty modest with his cookings.

Unfortunately we don’t know yet what was her destiny, probably she was deceased before Sanji ran away from trang chủ or she might be alive as well but I believe that she is gone for good (either Sanji’s father has something to vì with it or she can be dead by natural causes).By the way, talking about what happened khổng lồ Sanji’s mom reminds me of that actually there is this one episode before Skypiea where Mugiwaras find a abandoned ship and goes for treasure hunt. Sanji finds a picture of a smiling young woman. What is remarkable is that he doesn’t vị the typical love hurricane but he actually just stares it for a long time. I know it might be just a coincidence that the picture he found & his mother look a bit same.On the other hand Jaya was the first place Sanji talks about his past & back then it didn’t seem khổng lồ be important, not until Zou. So could that scene with Sanji fiding a picture have much more significant meaning later when storyline goes on?