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In 2008, a fight over land in a seaside town near Rome spirals into a deadly battle between organized crime, corrupt politicians and the Vatican.

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Starring Alessandro Borghi (" My Skin" Prequel to 2015 film. Based on Carlo Bonini và Giancarlo de Cataldo's novel.
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In 2008, a fight over land in a seaside town near Rome spirals into a deadly battle between organized crime, corrupt politicians and the Vatican.

Tensions between rival gangs erupt while crime lord Samurai pulls politicians' strings. Three young crooks ally khổng lồ seize an opportunity.

Samurai sinks his hooks into idealistic Cinaglia. Theodosiou's blackmailers try lớn silence a witness. Spadino chafes at his looming arranged marriage.

Samurai confronts Spadino over Theodosiou and hands Sara a raw deal. Cinaglia finds himself trapped. Manfredi targets Aureliano for revenge.

With a brewing war between the Anacletis and Adamis jeopardizing his control over the land deal, Samurai forces Lele into a terrible choice.

Livia and Aureliano vie for power. Samurai confronts Sara about her ploy. Spadino's secret complicates his wedding night.

Aureliano forces Sara into a deal, but she schemes khổng lồ turn the tables. Cinaglia plays strong-arm politics. Theodosiou makes a desperate decision.

Samurai closes in as Sara tries to avert a Vatican scandal in return for the commission's votes. Livia reacts lớn Manfredi's move on her territory.

Scrambling khổng lồ salvage the deal, Samurai summons Livia & Manfredi to a meeting. Sara faces a deception. Angelica discovers Spadino's secret.

Cinaglia doubles down on his political gamble, & Aureliano suffers a dangerous betrayal. Enthused over making a stand, Spadino takes a big risk.

Samurai drops the hammer, but Aureliano & Livia resist. Spadino takes charge, Cinaglia charts his future, and Lele faces a crisis of conscience.

As the fight for land, money & power intensifies, Aureliano, Spadino & Lele conspire khổng lồ seize control of Rome's criminal underworld from Samurai.

While Cinaglia awaits his political campaign's results, Samurai reasserts his control over Aureliano and Lele. Spadino makes a cunning play for power.

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Livia becomes a pawn -- & a target -- in the clash between Spadino & his mom. Sara seeks a new Vatican ally, and Cinaglia risks disobeying Samurai.

Aureliano vows revenge. Angelica forms a plan lớn help Spadino. Cristiana's suspicions about Lele grow. Samurai pressures Sara to lớn relocate the refugees.

After Cinaglia's defection, he và Samurai face the fallout. Adelaide moves khổng lồ control Ostia's drug trade. Lele asks Sara to lớn help him conquer Samurai.

While Cinaglia schemes, Samurai seeks lớn gain a new ally -- và silence an old one. Aureliano turns ruthless khổng lồ regain control of Ostia's underworld.

New allegiances form, old ones collapse & blood is spilled as drug-turf tensions send Ostia down the path of war.

In the aftermath of violence, Cinaglia doubles down on his ruthless plan, Aureliano and Spadino make a deal, and Lele faces the wrath of Samurai.

As the election nears & Samurai loses his grip on power, Aureliano leans on Nadia for help, Spadino faces blackmail, và Lele makes a fateful choice.

Word of a yearlong celebration organized by the Vatican — và the vast revenue it will generate — sparks a renewed fight to lớn rule the streets of Rome.

Samurai, Cinaglia & Badali scheme to lớn cash in on the Vatican's Jubilee celebration while Spadino forms a chilling plan to pull Cinaglia's strings.

Ambitious for yet more power, Aureliano & Spadino consolidate control of their alliance and turn their eyes to lớn new turf: north Rome.

Spadino faces a renewed threat to his power. Cinaglia tries to back Cardinal Nascari into a corner. Nadia và Angelica learn the ropes in north Rome.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Aureliano và Spadino scramble lớn salvage their alliance. Cardinal Nascari tries lớn break Cinaglia's grip on him.

Discovering the truth, Spadino sets himself on a collision course with Manfredi. Alice comes to lớn a fraught decision about Cinaglia.

Violence escalates out of control and lives are destroyed as the walls close in around Aureliano, Spadino & those they love.

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