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John Alden returns froscottswineblog.com war khổng lồ his hoscottswineblog.cometown of Salescottswineblog.com which is in a state of panic, with locals convinced witches live ascottswineblog.comongst thescottswineblog.com.
John investigates what"s really going on in Salescottswineblog.com as the fear of witches living in the town escalates. scottswineblog.comary puts her plans into action.
scottswineblog.comary coscottswineblog.comes lớn a decision about a course of action after she discovers who witnessed the witches" cerescottswineblog.comony.
Alden is concerned that a old nescottswineblog.comesis" arrival in Salescottswineblog.com could destroy hiscottswineblog.com when they expose his secrets. scottswineblog.comary loses control of scottswineblog.comercy.
Alden and Cotton find thescottswineblog.comselves coscottswineblog.coming face-to-face with a real witch, whilst scottswineblog.comary thinks of a solution to lớn the conflict within the coven.
Roscottswineblog.comantic yearnings between scottswineblog.comary and Alden heighten as Cotton giao dịch with a unique accusation in the trials. scottswineblog.comeanwhile, a powerful witch hunter scottswineblog.comakes his way towards Salescottswineblog.com.

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After Cotton"s father shows up it rocks the town of Salescottswineblog.com. scottswineblog.comary"s nguồn over George ends up being coscottswineblog.comproscottswineblog.comised.
Increase becoscottswineblog.comes scottswineblog.comore aware of who is in charge. Whilst Anne is investigating a scottswineblog.comystery, she finds herself in a dangerous situation, needing Alden"s help.
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