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10 Adorable Re:Zero Rem Cosplays That'll Make You Return to lớn Death One of the best best girls in all of anime, Re:Zero"s Rem has a lot of fans who love to lớn bring her to life via fittingly adorable biến hóa scenes.

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Who is Rem? Well, she is the best girl, of course. At least, that is what a number of fervent Re:Zero fans would say about her. Rem has been a hit since she first appeared in the early episodes of Re:Zero & has captured the hearts of many fanboys và fangirls since them.

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A few of those fans take their love of the character to the next level and dress up as their favorite little oni maid in a fantastic assortment of costumes that pay tribute lớn just how dễ thương Rem be. Even the coldest of hearts will be melted at the sight of these wonderful cosplay.

Fluffy Bunny Rem Cosplay
This take on Rem sees her adorned in an adorably fluffy outfit that takes more than just a few simple cues from an already sweet-looking bunny.

Cosplayer Lan ãu Kim brings out every bit of the warm, comfy, and heart-meltingly sweet material that the costume is no doubt made from. Though, vì chưng be careful when it comes khổng lồ bunnies and Re:Zero— they tend to be quite dangerous in packs.

Take Her Hand Rem Cosplay
Time khổng lồ make a few fans jealous. The anonymous hand of the unknown person whose POV this picture is imagined khổng lồ be seen from is in the envious position of holding hands with Rem, the number one girl from the series.

If that isn"t enough, Asano Kinoko completely sells the shot with her costume và her demeanor. Every piece of fabric, every strand of hair, and even her attitude seems just right for the character. It"s quite the valiant effort on her part in being a great cosplayer.

Kimono Rem Cosplay
Pink is usually more associated with Rem"s sister, Ram, but this cosplayer makes a good case on why it would fit Rem too. This kimono full bộ is a great take on Rem outside of her usual black & white maid duds.

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All thanks for this ảo diệu goes to lớn Kumo. She"s the one that thought of taking an existing statue of Rem and making a full-blown trang điểm of it to lớn excellent results, due in no small part due to all the attention lớn detail and thought put into the costume.

7 Long-Haired Rem

Long Haired cat girl Rem Cosplay
From one uncommon cosplay to the next. More often than not, most cosplayers choose the version of Rem most associated with her anime appearance. Which often means a cute maid outfit but also includes a set of short bobbed hair. A long-haired Rem is a rare sight khổng lồ see.

About as eye-catching as any other version of the supernaturally powered maid, Mon夢 takes her inspiration from a Re:Zero If side story from the light novel. In it, she grows her hair out and lives a happy life with Subaru. Quite the difference from the "I Love Emilia" conclusion that fans got in the series proper.

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Striking but just as adorable as any other outfit, Rem sports Subaru"s track jacket in this picture. Though simple in comparison to the usual fancy clothing Rem finds herself in, this 3d spares no expense in making her look xinh đẹp in her crush"s clothing.

Loluuuuuu proves that great cosplay doesn"t always need intricate designs và several layers khổng lồ work. Sometimes, all you need is a good idea and some follow-through to make magic happen.

5 Oni Mask Rem

Here is Rem in some more Japanese-inspired flair. Sporting an outfit that seems khổng lồ be somewhere between two typical types of Japanese festival gear, this Rem comes equipped with an oni mask reminiscent of her mythological Japanese forefathers.

This blending of styles is the lovechild of 루나. Và she once again proves that it is hard khổng lồ find an outfit that can hide the sheer amount of charm that one small oni can possess.

This outfit is another blend of styles that works out perfectly for our lovable little blue-haired maid. One part maid uniform and another part swimsuit, the outfit captures the appeal of both outfits và how well they fit Rem.

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Misakicos took this 3d to the pool & showed it off well on camera. Though whether we would see anything lượt thích a beach episode in the show proper is only for the author và light novel readers lớn know.

3 Sleepy Sisters

If Rem is around, it isn"t too farfetched khổng lồ think that her sister Ram is somewhere close by, too. A double dose of cuteness is on the thực đơn in this biến hóa collaboration. Ayaka ảo diệu takes on the reins of Rem, while Soalianna ảo diệu does more than an admirable job as Ram, in a picture that is sure to lớn elicit a few awws or other choice onomatopoeia in reaction lớn the sisterly affection on display.

Wedding Rem is exactly what many fans would love lớn see happen at the kết thúc of the anime và the light novel, though whether that fateful turn in the series will happen is still far off & disputed by many fans.

Cosplayer Rinn小采 is khổng lồ thank for bringing this enchanting biến hóa into the world, & for getting some fans" hopes up just a little bit more in a possible Rem ending.

1 Christmas Rem

Oni aren"t usually considered the bearers of holiday cheer but, but it"s doubtful that any fan would question it if Rem brought some joy into this time of year.

Wrapped in traditional holiday garments, all she needs is a bow & she would be the perfect gift for any Re:Zero fans. For now, though, they"ll just have lớn settle for this excellent biến hóa by Ana Chuu. Happy Holidays indeed.

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