Back at the lair, Hawkman/Khufu comes to, all chained up. He says Kendra’s the love of his life và he’s the only one who can save her. He introduces himself as Carter Hall but says that’s not who he is. They are actually Prince Khufu & Priestess Chay-Ara…and they’re lovers. Cisco is obviously not happy about that bit of news. They’re drawn lớn each other in each life and after reincarnating, they always find each other again. He says they can’t protect them from Savage because he hunts them down every lifetime. He’s done it 206 times. “You are 0 for 206 & you still think you’re her best bet?” asks Cisco. Malcolm & The League show up & say Savage has left và is probably trying to lớn locate the Staff of Horus. If he gets that, he’ll be unstoppable. Cisco once again asks the best question: “Since when did our lives suddenly become an Indiana Jones movie?” Oliver asks Felicity khổng lồ find it và Carter tells Kendra she needs lớn emerge now.

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At S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin is working on Wells but she needs Jay’s help because Wells is dying.

Back in Star City, Carter wants Kendra khổng lồ just jump off a building, saying that will make her wings emerge. The gang is highly skeptical but Oliver thinks Carter is actually making sense. Kendra climbs on the ledge và Carter pushes her over. Her wings don’t come out & The Flash saves her. Carter wants her to lớn try again but now the gang thinks he’s lost his mind. Oliver, however, is still convinced they need khổng lồ let her jump and tells Barry he’s just desperate lớn save her. Barry answers, “I just never thought I’d have superpowers và feel more powerless than I have in my entire life.” Oliver gets it, but they need to lớn help Kendra get her wings and get back khổng lồ Central City. Và then a lightbulb goes off and Oliver figures out Kendra was drawn to lớn Central đô thị because the Staff of Horus is there.

Barry tells Kendra lớn believe in herself and “her true self will emerge.” Oliver and Barry are going to head out lớn Central city while the rest of the gang remains in Star đô thị to protect Carter và Kendra.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, Wells is about to lớn code when Jay shows up. He should be able khổng lồ take out the bullet if he uses the serum. If he doesn’t vày it, Wells will die. The serum is working và Jay phases through Wells chest và gets the bullet out, saving Wells’ life.

Kendra & Cisco chat on the roof, and Kendra admits she’s always felt different và now she understands why. Cisco comforts her và says she’ll be all right. Kendra doesn’t think Cisco can actually help her because she has hundreds of lives inside of her. She must embrace her destiny & with that she walks lớn the edge of the building. Cisco tries lớn stop her.

In Central City, The Arrow & The Flash walk through the cathedral where the Staff of Horus is supposed khổng lồ be located. The Flash is antsy because he’s not used lớn walking but it doesn’t matter because Savage has beaten them to lớn the punch and has the Staff. Savage says he can’t leave Kendra alone because her destiny is to lớn die. He uses the Staff to shoot at The Arrow and The Flash, & the guys aren’t capable of combating its power.

Back in Star City, Kendra prepares khổng lồ jump.

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Back in Central City, The Arrow fires arrow after arrow at Savage while he uses the Staff. Savage has never encountered anyone with their abilities and finds it astonishing.

Kendra leaps.

Savage summons the power nguồn of the Staff.

Kendra’s wings emerge and she soars!

Savage realizes Kendra has powers. He plants the Staff in the ground & destroys the cathedral, with The Arrow and The Flash barely escaping thanks lớn The Flash’s speed. They don’t think Savage blew himself up but they’re alive so The Flash says this round has ended in a tie.

Hawkgirl – as named by Cisco – lands on the roof, but it’s not a smooth landing as she falls face-first.

Caitlin tells Wells he’ll be okay. Jay says the serum is out of his system và he won’t vì chưng it again. As he turns to leave, Wells says thanks. Jay tells him he can thank him by not giving the Velocity-6 lớn Barry.

The episode draws toward a close with the gang being called to lớn Central đô thị to kết thúc this. Cisco thinks Barry và Oliver will take down Savage, & Felicity volunteers her company’s private jet khổng lồ get them lớn Central City.

In Central City, Oliver & Barry visit the coffee shop and Oliver sees “The Flash” drink listed on the menu. He asks when that became a thing, and Barry says about eight months ago when he saved Star City. Then a kid bumps into them và drops a The Flash kích hoạt figure. Oliver picks it up & smiles. He hands it back and watches the kid walk away to his mom who he immediately realizes he knows.

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