Magicians monday: a season 3 recap of the magicians


Welcome back to Magicians Monday, fellow Fillorians! If you eat, sleep và breathe The Magicians like I do, then this column is for you.

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Each week, we’ll delve deeper into our favorite show about magic. Be sure lớn keep a glass of wine handy & your spell-casting fingers at the ready. We’ll be reveling in all things The Magicians until the Season 4 premiere on January 23rd!

Now, Season 4 is just around the corner, Fillorians. As your self-appointed Magician Extraordinaire (ME for short), I feel it is my duty – nay, my privilege – khổng lồ give you The Magicians Season 3 lowdown. All aboard the Muntjac, Fillorians! The time is nigh lớn kick-start the epic quest to lớn save magic. So, without further ado, here’s what you missed from Season 3 of The Magicians.

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The Tales of the Seven Keys (S03E01)


Julia was promoted to full-fledged goddess status, dubbed “Our Lady of the Tree.” She’s whisked away by another goddess to lớn commence her deity duties. Our remaining questing bunch connected with the goddess Callie, who claimed she created the castle meant khổng lồ house the old gods’ mistakes. Her lover, Prometheus, crafted the seven keys because of his wholehearted belief in humanity. He knew humans would save magic one day. They learned that said castle was actually Blackspire, và it was located beneath Whitespire. 

Q used a spark of magic granted lớn him by Julia to tương tác the knight inside the castle. He informed the knight, Ora, of their intention lớn restore magic. They finally arrived at the castle via the Muntjac, & Ora ushered them inside. 

Meanwhile, Fen was acting High King in Margo’s absence. The Fairy Queen informed her of multiple fairies disappearing. Fen discovered that Irene was behind the disappearances. The Fairy Queen sacrificed herself so her kin could live freely. Irene accepted the deal, và she slaughtered the Fairy Queen for an enormous surplus of magic. Long live the Queen!

Next, Quentin attempted to entertain the monster. It needed lớn be coddled and loved, which is how Ora survived as long as she did.

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However, Eliot used the god-killing bullet and shot the monster. But the monster merely body-jumped to lớn Ora. 

Later, our gang was about to use the seven keys to revive magic when Alice destroyed them. Julia, sensing her friends were in danger, arrived khổng lồ the rescue. She crafted seven new keys with her god magic. Our heroes inserted said keys in the keyholes & restored magic successfully…that is, until the Library, alongside Irene & Fogg, showed up. The siphon was placed atop the fountain. It absorbed the magic flowing from it. Alice was arrested by the Library for breaking her over of the bargain. Our magicians had their memories thoroughly wiped, and were sent back lớn Earth bereft of magic. 

Fast forward a few months later: Alice is visited by Fogg at the Library, & she’s concerned for her friends. The boss khủng left Ora’s toàn thân and is on Earth, presumably wreaking havoc. Fogg dismissed her worries. We learned that magic was being monitored by the Library, và Brakebills was only allowed a certain amount to operate. 

Next, our heroes are living normal lives, unconcerned with magic or the Library. Eliot found Quentin, whose new identity was Brian. However, Eliot was now possessed by the monster. 


Phew! So much happened last season, you guys. The Magicians really knocked it out of the park in Season 3, & I’m stoked to see where we go in Season 4. Now, this will be the last Magicians Monday for a bit, Fillorians. Do not despair, though: this isn’t goodbye forever. Just for now. So, don’t forget to lớn keep your best b****es close, always have a glass of wine at the ready và your one-liners primed for execution. Wednesdays are about to lớn be magical again.